As Independent Social Workers, our assessments aim to integrate theory, research and practical knowledge to provide a sound and informative assessment.

A balanced assessment by an Independent Social Worker is fundamental for those involved with the individual and their family. Social Work Reports Ltd develop a clear understanding of the family dynamic as well as the child’s needs, to ensure the right services are accessed and the child is protected from harm.

Social Work Reports assessments give clear and realistic, client-focused recommendations. Our client-focused assessments are of a high professional standard, enabling all those involved with the client and their family to make effective decisions and ensure positive outcomes.

We are able to provide assessments in public and private law proceedings. Our independent social work assessments include the following:CUBS Family certificate bond solon

  • MERTON age Assessments
  • Social Circumstances assessments and reports
  • Immigration Assessments
  • Mental Health Review Tribunals



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