Immigration and Asylum Services

Social Circumstances Assessments and Reports (Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009)

After the 9th July 2012 any child who has lived in the UK for seven years can make an application to remain under Private Life. Social Circumstances reports completed in these immigration cases, by Professionals, is an integral part of the application. We have already experienced much success with our Social Circumstances reports in the High Court.

Immigration Consultancy and Assessment

The use of a Social Circumstances assessment and report for the UKBA or Court can assist the decision makers in whether to allow a child and family to remain in the UK. This report looks at the needs of the child and family in a holistic way. Our assessments cover the emotional, practical and cultural needs of the clients to produce an assessment outlining their situation and reasons for wanting to remain in the UK and reasons why this is supported by the independent social worker. We have had very good success with our social circumstances reports in immigration cases and they have been heard in the Crown Court. See our recent feedback.

Merton-compliant Age Assessments

An independent assessment from two trained Social Workers who have undergone training in the holistic and thorough completion of the Merton template from The Refugee Council in London. Up to date research and findings are used to complete the Merton Assessment. We have a very good success rate with these assessments being used in the High Court.

Out of Country Appeals

The essence of our reports shows evidence of private and family life in the UK, by taking evidence directly from your family members in the UK, particularly any children you are separated from. This report will detail the bonds, links and attachments these family members, especially children, have with you and how they are being negatively affected by your absence.

Article 8 The Right to Family Life

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 –  The Right to respect for private and family life 

A detailed social circumstances report covers the private and family life you have in the UK and how this will be disrupted by removal from the UK.

These reports are also best to highlight the care and support you may be providing a relative or how your relatives are supporting your physical and mental health needs.

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