Refugees Face Over Crowded Hotels Not Safety

Rosemary Sales highlights to the reality of the hotel accommodation offered to asylum seekers.Congratulations to Diane Taylor for challenging the Justice secretary's claim that accommodation in hotels is a pull factor encouraging asylum seekers to come to the UK. (Dominic Raab is wrong: refugees do not come to the UK for hotels 29 March 2023) The image prompted by talk of "Hotel Britain" is of people enjoying a holiday in pleasant surroundings. The reality is very different. Read more...

We are currently assessing clients via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, which the Home Office and Her Majesty’s Courts are currently accepting.

The Prime Minister delivered an address to the nation on Sunday 10 May setting out how he intends to "unlock the various parts of the UK economy”. Social Work Reports are currently assessing clients via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, something that the Home Office and Courts are currently accepting. As a result of this, no mileage is being charged for assessments, saving you additional travel expenses that are normally charged at £40ph and can amount to several hundred pounds....

Good news from a busy February

“Thank you so much for this, I’m very pleased with it.” “Many thanks for your assistance throughout” “The report is perfect” “Finally the Home Office granted our daughter-in-law the right to stay. It took ages but so glad everything turned out so well. Many thanks for your help” “Everything was fine and the client is also very happy with the report.”

Another family relieved

"Many thanks for your help. We had our hearing this morning and the honourable judge was convinced that ours is a genuine appeal. All the medical reports and your social worker report was very elaborate, thorough and convincing.  We are likely to get written judgement in 4 weeks time.  I thank you very much for all the help. Our family is relieved now "