Personal Injury

Our Independent Social Work assessments include consideration of your current and long-term personal circumstances. Our Independent Social Workers have a range of experience working with and assessing clients experiencing long and short-term Physical Disability, Mental Health Difficulties, Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disability, through no fault of their own. An Independent Social Work report is an integral part of the application and appeals process in evaluating the longer-term impact of personal injury.

1 Physical Health Needs

An Independent Social Work assessment can assess what help and support you need, such as healthcare, equipment, help in your home or residential care.

2 Mental Health Needs

An Independent Social Work assessment can assess needs and plan what care and support is needed in order to manage social factors, such as relationships, housing and employment, that will assist you in getting and staying well.

An Independent Social Worker/Approved Mental Health Practitioner (AMPH) can assist you to challenge detention under The Mental Health Act 1983 and any damages caused by this.

3 Cognitive Impairment and Learning Disability

An Independent Social Work assessment will identify what your needs are and what care and support would meet these needs. An independent assessment will assist the decision makers in deciding whether or not they are liable to fund the care and support you need.

4. Personal Injury and Litigation

A health care professional with experience in trouble shooting where untoward incidents have occurred, either in a community or in-patient setting, can review systems, policies and procedures, practice and compliance and provide risk assessments, detailed analysis and reports for legal proceedings.