Parenting, PAMS Assessments & ParentAssess

‘Parent Assessment Manual’ Assessments are also known as PAMS assessments and include assessment of: 

  • child care and development
  • behaviour management
  • independent living skills
  • safety and hygiene
  • parents’ health
  • relationships and support
  • the impact of the environment and community on parenting.

Where a parent has a learning difficulty or disability, a PAMS assessment provides techniques that the assessor should use when they are working with parents and families with this diagnosis.

When completing a PAMS assessment the assessor will look at the parents knowledge and quality of their parenting skills.By assessing all of these different areas of parenting, the assessing social worker forms a picture and gathers evidence of how the family functions and the quality of the parents parenting skills. The result is an evidence and knowledge-based report.


ParentAssess is a specialist framework that is designed to assess parents with a learning disability or additional issues such as:

• mental health
• trauma
• exploitation
• domestic abuse
• alcohol or drug misuse
• offending

Our trained, independent Social Workers will use this tool to ensure that parents fully understand and are involved in the assessment process. Importantly, the child’s experience of being parented and their views are considered. The parent is also helped to understand the impact of their parenting.

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