Independent Social Worker UK: The Value of Expert Assessment

Independent Social Worker UK: The Value of Expert Assessment

An important job for social workers today is to carry out various types of independent assessment of individuals and families. These assessments are required for legal cases and other important hearings and tribunals, the results of which can be truly life altering for the people involved.

These cases can relate to immigration, mental health issues or child protection among other things, and reports produced by independent social workers are considered highly useful evidence. The weight attached to such assessments can be considerable so the social workers carrying them out must be experts in their field, and gaining this expertise takes years in the job. Thankfully there are independent social workers with the required experience and insight who provide this service.

Who requires social work court reports?

The people who approach expert independent social workers generally belong to a legal firm. This firm will represent somebody who is the subject of legal proceedings, for whom a social worker assessment could be beneficial. The individual could be a migrant trying to get legal residency in the UK, perhaps to join their family or because they are fleeing a country where they have much fewer prospects.

An assessment could alternatively be used in a mental health tribunal to determine whether someone may or may not be a risk to themselves or others. Cases can differ hugely and there are a number of types of social work assessment which could be suitable.

Types of social work reports

The various assessments used in UK courts include MERTON age assessments, immigration assessments, social circumstances assessments and mental health review assessments. Reports based on these assessments are used as high up the judiciary as the crown court so they really do matter.

Where are these services available?

Here at Social Work Reports we regularly produce independent reports to the court and compile various social worker assessments for our customers. These customers are generally legal firms representing people for whom our reports can be essential, and can greatly contribute to a court decision.

We have provided our services from Scotland to Wales and throughout England. We are happy to discuss our services and the different types of social work assessments with you and we are more than pleased to share our expertise, the importance of which we have written about in a recent blog post.

For further information feel free to contact Social Work Reports at your leisure.

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