Social Work Values

Social Work Values

Core Values On Blackboard

Social workers are required to make important value judgements in line with reasonable work ethics. They have to take the specifics of each case into account when making these potentially life-changing decisions. The old saying that ‘you should do to others as you’d have done to yourself’ holds true in many instances. However, value judgements also have wide-ranging societal implications.

Tough Choices

It is important to realise that social workers often work with people who are experiencing great difficulty. Some clients may have mental problems which are particularly difficult to overcome. Others might be caught in the cycle of drug addiction. Any interventions should be made in consideration of the rights of choice, privacy and protection that such individuals have.

Social work values should take the good of vulnerable individuals and the community as a whole into consideration. On some occasions it may be necessary to go against the wants and desires of a person who places others at risk. For example, an individual suffering from mental health issues may have to be temporarily detained so that they don’t cause physical and mental harm. In cases which aren’t particularly extreme it is best to adopt a principle of minimum intervention.

Professional Social Work Values

It is important to realise that social workers have the same feelings of empathy and compassion as other people. They may find it difficult to maintain professional detachment from family groups or individuals who are experiencing difficulties. However, social workers are also trained to a very high level and are bound by strict codes of professional conduct. They fully understand the need to make touch decisions in certain instances.

Social workers appreciate that they are fully accountable for any actions taken. They must ensure that any prejudices do not interfere with the decisions that are made. Social workers regularly come into contact with people of different faiths and cultural beliefs. They have to ensure that everybody is treated fairly and with the right level of respect. Social workers are encouraged to whistle-blow on any fellow professionals that they suspect of acting in a discriminatory or prejudiced manner.

Independent Support From The Experts

It is clear that people in the social care field face a variety of ethical and moral challenges. However, it is also worth pointing out that this can be a highly rewarding job. The judgements that we make often have a positive effect on the lives of vulnerable individuals. The Independent Social Work Reports team have helped people to overcome substance addiction. We’ve also played a valuable role in the protection of children and adults from violent abuse. If you’d like to find out more about the work that we do then please call Angeline Seymour on 07951155726.

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