The Power of a Client Assessment in Social Work

The Power of a Client Assessment in Social Work

Social work is vital. The intervention of social workers has been improving the wellbeing of individuals, groups and entire communities for many years. People suffering poverty, social injustices and violations of human rights can find essential assistance from social workers.

One service that social workers provide which can be incredibly powerful and make a significant difference to someone’s life is client assessments.

What is a client assessment in social work?

A social work client assessment is a written report of information collected by a social worker about a client. There are various types of social work assessment as different kinds of reports are required for different things.

The kinds of report required in the UK include:

• Merton Age Assessments

• Section 37 Investigation reports

• Section 7 reports

• Mental Health Review Tribunal reports

Why are client assessments useful?

Client assessments are carried out for a variety of reasons. They are highly valued for legal proceedings, hearings and tribunals in cases that can relate to child protection, mental health, immigration and other issues linked to an individual’s wellbeing.

Social work reports can be integral in legal proceedings. In an immigration case, for instance, a report could make the difference between whether a person is allowed to remain in the UK, or is deported back to their country of origin.

Alternatively a client assessment could be used in a mental health tribunal to help decide whether a person is a threat to themselves or others, or whether they are a fit parent, for example. These reports are therefore incredibly important as they are used to make genuinely life-changing decisions.

Who do social workers work with?

The people who generally approach social workers to compile client assessments are lawyers. Legal firms represent individuals who are the subject of the kind of proceedings mentioned earlier: cases relating to mental health, immigration, child protection and other issues.

Lawyers representing them may request a social work report to support their client’s case, and often these assessments are key to clients being successful in their particular cases. These reports can have real impact upon decision making.

Where can you request a social work client assessment?

Here at Independent Social Work Reports we are regularly asked to compile client assessments. We offer a variety of reports which can be essential in potentially life-changing proceedings.

Our services are available from Scotland to England and Wales so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are based in these areas.

For further information about our work feel free to contact Social Work Reports at your leisure on 0795 1155 726.

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